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Titles Featuring Debrah Farentino
Eureka - Season 1  (2007)  Rated: NR
Colin Ferguson, Joe Morton, Debrah Farentino, Matt Frewer
Discover why some of the government's best-kept secrets are being hidden away in the small town of "Eureka," where the work of America's brightest scientists can lead to brilliant innovations or sometimes...
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Storm of the Century  (1999)  Rated: NR
Debrah Farentino, Colm Feore, Casey Siemaszko, Timothy Daly, Jeffrey DeMunn
From Stephen King, the best-selling novelist of all time, comes the terrifying tale of a town besieged by evil. The inhabitants of a picturesque, sleepy little town on a small island off the coast of Maine...
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Malice  (1993)  Rated: R
Alec Baldwin, Tobin Bell, Debrah Farentino, Peter Gallagher, Nicole Kidman
What happens when you open your home to someone who's gutsier than you, more devious than you... and crafty enough to steal your life right out form under you? Plenty of Malice. Easy-going college dean...
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