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Titles Featuring Joshua Jackson
Fringe  (2009)  Rated: NR
Joshua Jackson, Kirk Acevedo, Blair Brown
Teleportation, Mind control, Invisibility, Astral projection, Mutation, Reanimation, Phenomena that exist on the Fringe of science unleash their strange powers in this thrilling series, created by JJ....
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Shutter - Widescreen  (2008)  Rated: UR
Joshua Jackson, David Denman, John Hensley
A young photographer and his girlfriend discover mysterious shadows in their photographs after a tragic accident. They soon learn that you can never escape the past as a ghost continuously haunts them.
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Cursed - Widescreen  (2005)  Rated: NR
Christina Ricci, Joshua Jackson, Jesse Eisenberg, Shannon Elizabeth
Frightmaster Wes Craven brings you the terror of werewolves and a cast of today's hottest young stars in "Cursed!" Christina Ricci ("Monster"), Jesse Eisenberg ("The Village"), Joshua Jackson ("TV's Dawson's...
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The Skulls  (2000)  Rated: PG-13
Joshua Jackson, Craig T. Nelson, Paul Walker, Hill Harper, Leslie Bibb
Deep within the hallowed walls of Ivy League?s most prominent campus, there exists a secret society where power and influence are bred. Only a few are chosen to join the group where Presidents are groomed,...
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Urban Legend  (1998)  Rated: R
Loretta Devine, Robert Englund, Joshua Jackson, Alicia Witt, Tara Reid
Everyone recalls strange and sometimes horrible supposedly true tales from their childhood. A New England college student caught in a series of murders modeled after these stories, may end up the victim...
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The Mighty Ducks  (1992)  Rated: PG
Joss Ackland, Emilio Estevez, Joshua Jackson, Heidi Kling, Lane Smith
Screen favorite Emilio Estevez (Stakeout, Young Guns) stars in The Mighty Ducks, the hilarious comedy that made moviegoers stand up and cheer! Tough trial lawyer Gordon Bombay (Estevez) never loses. But...
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