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Gilmore Girls: The Complete Sixth Season (2005)
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Can it be the Gilmore Girls if the Gilmore girls aren't together? At the end of Season 5, Rory dropped out of Yale and moved into Emily and Richard's poolhouse - decisions that broke Lorelai's heart. That's handy, because one half of that heart can be deliriously happy with the big new step in her love affair with Luke. Meanwhile, the other half grieves, and it seems everyone in town wants mother and daughter to reunite. But it may take an unexpected out-of-towner to make it happen. Of course, there's much more: Lane gets a surprise that leaves her reeling with joy. Luke gets a surprise that may send the Luke-and-Lorelai relationship reeling. What's no surprise is the snappy, wish-I'd-said-that Gilmore dialogue, knowing humor and insightful storytelling fans adore. Season 6 starts now!

Episodes include:

Disc 1 - "New And Improved Lorelai," "Fight Face," "The Ungraduate" and "Always A Godmother, Never A God"

Disc 2 - "We've Got Magic To Do," "Welcome To The Dollhouse," "Twenty-One Is The Loneliest Number," "Let Me Hear Your Balalaikas Ringing Out"

Disc 3 - "The Prodigal Daughter Returns," "He's Slippin' 'Em Bread... Dig?," "The Perfect Dress," "Just Like Gwen And Gavin"

Disc 4 - "Friday Night's Alright For Fighting," "You've Been Gilmored," "A Vineyard Valentine" and "Bridesmaids Revisited"

Disc 5 - "I'm OK, You're OK," "The Real Paul Anka," "I Get A Sidekick Out Of You" and "Super Cool Party People"

Disc 6 - "Driving Miss Gilmore" and "Partings"

Starring: Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel
Language(s): English
Run Length: 968
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