Other companies may say "On Demand" or "Immediate" delivery, but only offer services later today. And, when it rains or snows, getting a delivery from them anytime today can be unlikely at best.

At UrbanFetch, when we say delivered now, we mean that we will show up right away, every time. 90% of our orders are delivered within an hour of ordering, regardless of the weather.

This means that you can decide what you want for dinner at 4:30PM, place the order, and be cooking by 5:30PM. What could be easier?
4.9 Stars
Don't take our word for it. Look at what our amazing customers say about us

what our customers say

Have been using them for over a year now. Unequivocally the best service in NYC for groceries - super fast and good selection/prices.


- Madi

I am satisfied with 100%. Delivery within an hour! It's incredible, very professional. Fresh food, biodegradable grocery bags, paper delivery bags. Thanks, I highly recommend it!


- Angelina

We love Max Delivery!! Don't know how they do it, but they have everything we want and need and deliver it faster than anyone else, with nicer delivery people, and at a less expensive price. So thrilled to have found this gem!


- Laura

Order was perfect and fast. I think you've got a new customer for life!


- Michael

First time doing this, they had everything on my list, organic availability for everything, very reasonable pricing and it was delivered by the sweetest guy one hour later. Quite honestly blown away. The amount I got done in that hour not having to worry about shopping was amazing! I'm a convert! Thank you!!


- Jayne

Seriously the best grocery delivery company out there. Super communicative, efficient and timely! I am 100% ordering from them again! Thank you for your uniquely amazing customer service skills!


- Tiffany

My neighbor recommended them and I'll admit, initially I was skeptical. I ordered tonight for the first time and it lived up to the hype. Order came within the hour and perfectly packaged. Will definitely be ordering again


- Deborah

Great service… Order was exactly right with no substitutes. Will definitely use again and highly recommend!


- Tyler

10 stars for me! Once I placed my order they called to confirm my selection and even graciously added an item I couldn't select on the website. They were very professional and friendly. I don't think I'll go to regular grocery shopping again!


- Kamille

Always fast, always fresh, always amazing. I have been using them for almost 11 years. I can comfortably say they are New York's hidden Jewel. It is always so reliable and so fast.


- Hope

I live Max Delivery. I’ve been ordering from them for maybe ten years, or close to it. Huge selection, great prices often at least a dollar sometimes two, below what one finds at nearby markets, fast delivery that’s kind of like bibbety bobbety boo wave your wand and they’re at your door, and just adding new items all the time. Quality is fabulous. Nothing short of fantastic, really!


- peter

I feel valued and that's worth the price of admission.


- B.

BoxedMarket is the best delivery service in NYC! I always use delivery to purchase a specific brand of eggs that is hard to find in stores. I was frustrated with other delivery services because they not only charge extra on the item but most of the time failed to deliver and only notify me 30 mins before the scheduled time... Wish I’ve found BoxedMarket sooner! Highly recommend!


- Justine

So great to have MaxDelivery available! I’m sick and couldn’t get to the grocery store and they delivered really great quality produce, along with the usual grocery items! FAST, polite delivery & great quality…what’s not to love! Thanks, Max :)


- Wendy

Employees, Not Contractors
We care about our employees, with our average employee working with us for over 3 years. And, when we say employees, we mean employees, with full benefits, not the disposable "1099 contractors" that many other services use.

We want our people to care about you and your order, to show up when it rains, and to go that extra mile to keep you happy, so we work hard to keep them happy too.

We are also obsessed with safety of our people (and the pedestrians they ride near), with strict policies enforcing helmets, lights, bells and safe riding policies. Being a good neighbor means never playing fast and loose with safe biking practices.

Meet some of our staff
Be Good To The Planet
We believe in doing all the little things to try to minimize our impact on the earth.

We don't believe in being stuck in traffic. We don't believe in using diesel spewing trucks. We don't believe in double-parking or using a parking space as a place to sit all day, adding to the congestion of Manhattan.

What we do believe in is safe, human-powered transport. So we dispatch a fleet of safe, friendly, time-obsessed bicycle delivery people to bring you whatever you want. Obsessively fast.

For packing, we offer an option for reusable shopping bags, further minimizing our impact on the environment.
We Know Our Stuff
We don't take your order and then run to a local store hoping to find things (or wasting your time on a call to find replacement items).

We own all the products, so we can make sure we have it in stock before selling it, can make sure it is in perfect condition before we send it, and can get it to you reliably fast and perfect.

Before we even let you add an item to your cart, we make sure we have it in stock, ready to go, and only TOP quality.

Better service up front means happier customers long term.
17 Years Of Service
We're not new kids on the block (in fact, we are the old-man in this industry). As MaxDelivery , w've been delivering on-demand orders for over 17 years and have delivered over 150 Million items in NYC alone. Joining up with Boxed has only let us get better.

We've seen rain, snow, polar vortexes, bomb cyclones, heatwaves, blackouts, and even hurricanes and have kept on going, delivering the best service in town.

Through all of that, we have kept our rankings high, with our ratings on services like Yelp over 4 stars and almost all of our business from wonderful repeat customers coming back again and again.

Experience what Delivery Done Right means and you'll never go back!
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