As part of our commitment to being green, you can choose to tote your order in a UrbanFetch Reusable Bag.

Made from 100% hypoallergenic polypropylene, these machine-washable, non-toxic bags have reduced our overall bag consumption by over 60%. Click here to see the environmental impacts of the bags.

Simply select "UrbanFetch Reusable Bag" when you submit your order. A deposit of $1.50 for each bag will be added to your account, to be charged on your next order. Simply return the bags with your next order, and we add a credit to your account for the full amount*.

If you have any suggestions on ways to make the process easier or better for you, please let us know!

* Bags must be returned within 6 months to be eligible for credit. Credits are good for 2 years and expire after that point.

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